Electronics for Transportation

The world is changing and developing at a fast pace. And no single part of our society is as important as the transport of people and goods by rail, road, water, and air. It is therefore hardly surprising that the transport sector is normally at the forefront with incorporating new technologies and processes, because standing still in this sector means you are falling behind.

Transport is possible through infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. With the increasing availability of advanced techniques, more and more processes are being introduced to enhance speed, safety, efficiency, and capacity, and to also improve the ease of use, the traveller experience, and manageability. Think about better railway management, traffic control, and video surveillance, but also about cargo management, vehicle management and control, infotainment and navigation, communication and geolocation.

Important factors for Transportation Components

  • EN50155
  • Operating Temp Classes: T1, T2, T3, TX
  • Class S2 Hold-up Time
  • NF F 16-101 & NF F 16-102 Fire & Smoke
  • Wide Input Range 14~154VDC Available