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Professional Financial Management

Telerex offers substantial added value in terms of financial services and securities, encompassing our AAA rating with a 40% solvability, general liability insurance up to 2,5 Million EUR and a very solid negotiating position with global credit insurance companies.

AAA rating

AAA rating

Times are changing and the financial winds sometimes blow from unexpected corners. One day, we may deal with superinflation, while others may offer the challenge of stagnation and near-zero interest rates. Our AAA rating garantuees financial stability and ability to weather unexpected storms or setbacks. That's why you know you can depend on Telerex in the long run, enabling you to confidently offering our products and services to your clients.

Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

We live in a world of high stakes and - sometimes - even higher risks. Ordering a mere € 10,- component for a public application might not seem a big deal, until said component fails across the board and complaints and even claims start pouring in...  For your peace of mind, it's good to know we maintain a 2,5 Million EUR general liability insurance that will cover these risks and will enable us to - together with you -  set things right with your clients.

contract management

Contract Management

Contract management is an important part of our financial and logistic services. We negotiate the best deals and conditions for you, based on your ordering history, future prognoses and financial possibilities. We can keep consigned stock for you and will keep an eye on your order frequency, prognosed future needs and ordering paterns. Thus, we make sure you will never run out of the products you need and you will get the best possible conditions and prices.