OKW Elektronica Behuizingen

Telerex supplies electronic housings in plastic and metal, in standard, modified, or fully customised versions. You can choose from over 2,000 standard model series, but we also have the ability for tailoring standard housing to your needs and usage requirements, and can even develop an entirely new product for you. Telerex has housings for all kinds of electronics applications and areas.

Adaptations & customisation

With our own manufacturing company in Taiwan and with a direct link to the developers of several leading manufacturers, we have all the tools to answer your customisation questions. Your own design or with assistance from our designers, short lines of communication with online meeting tools such as GoToMeeting, and the latest versions of SolidWorks to provide you with support, smooth communication, and flexibility for adaptations. We focus on the European market and conform to its quality standards, yet with an Asian production flexibility and price level.

Custom Plastic Enclosures Custom Plastic Enclosures
  • Mobile Cases
  • Desktop Cases
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Custom Housings
  • Special Plastic Optional
Custom Metal Enclosures Custom Metal Enclosures
  • Portable Cases
  • Desktop, Wall & Cabinet
  • Steel & Aluminium Cases
  • 19" Rack Mounting
  • Custom Imprint