Enclosures Manufacturers

Telerex has both standard and custom housings in its range, made of metal or plastic. For housings we have our own production company MechaTronix in Taiwan, and we also work closely with producers such as OKW, Intermas, and Euroclamp.

Due to the rapid developments in electronics and automation, new applications are constantly being conceived and realised. All these applications need a housing and Telerex, therefore, carries a huge range of OKW housings. OKW has plastic electronic housings in all shapes and sizes, taking into account the performance requirements, user capabilities, and the desired application area.
Metcase Metcase
METCASE is the metal enclosures division of the OKW Enclosures Group of companies. METCASE manufactures an extensive range of aluminium instrument enclosures and 19 inch rack mount enclosures for modern OEM electronics equipment. All of the enclosures can be supplied fully customised to your exact specifications, and METCASE can even manufacture fully bespoke enclosures and sheet metal components.
Intermas Intermas
Intermas is a German manufacturer of components and composite products for the housing of electronics, such as system cabinets, housings, subracks, and cassettes. Intermas is very flexible in catering to customer-specific requirements and guides the user from the initial idea to the final product.
Euroclamp enclosures Euroclamp enclosures
Euroclamp was founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of relay sockets. In 1991 Euroclamp expanded into the production of high-quality connectors and housings. This Italian company is known as a flexible, reliable, and innovative partner for the domestic and international market.
MechaTronix enclosures MechaTronix enclosures
After more than forty years as an importer and distributor, Telerex has built up a varied and reliable network of manufacturers and suppliers of quality products including for housings. With our own production facility—MechaTronix in Taiwan—we have extended the range of products that can be offered by our suppliers significantly because this facility has increased the possibilities for customisations to their products and for customer-specific solutions.