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Axiomtek Embedded Computer

Barely any application comes without some form of automation or another, nowadays. Telerex offers an enormous range of embedded single board computers and motherboards, tailoring to the specific needs of any and every machine, application or appliance. Be it Intel, AMD or ARM-based, coming in any format from pITX up to ATX; we’ve got it!

In addition to the usual extensive range of types and expansion capabilities, Telerex also offers versions, suitable for use under extreme operating temperatures, having a longevity up to 7 years, resistant to vibrations and shocks, and equipped with a single DC input. Depending on the required computations, these boards can be passively or forcibly cooled, and there is also a wide variety in construction forms that enable application in many different contexts.

Embedded computers are complete computer units inside an individual, often robust casing, which are used as part of a larger application or as a function-specific computer in vehicles or machinery. In contrast to personal computers (PCs), which are built and configured for a broad range of tasks, embedded computers are often built for one specific task. Many everyday applications are nowadays controlled by an embedded computer.

Tailored to the task at hand, an embedded computer is built around a CPU platform with a power supply and calculation power as required. Telerex offers embedded computers based on Intel, AMD, VIA and ARM processors and chip sets. They can be equipped with anywhere from a few simple RS-232 serial ports for regularly controlling mechatronic components or parts, to a complete I/O repertoire for the most demanding of multimedia applications. This allows the design engineer to optimise the embedded computer by minimising size and cost and maximising its reliability and performance, and to select for passive or forced cooling, an extra wide operating temperature or a type that meets IP65 standards.

Axiomtek Fanless Embedded Computer


  • Multiple platforms are possible; Intel, AMD or ARM
  • Passively cooled and energy efficient
  • Powerful and fast with forced cooling
  • Versions for wide range of operating temperature
  • Full IP65 versions
  • AC or DC power
  • Wide range of expansion options

Telerex embedded computers can be applied in various areas, such as medical, transportation, industrial applications, multimedia, or in military surroundings. For all these applications, our embedded computers comply with specific standards, certificates and user requirements. The EN50155 standard for rail transportation and the DNV certificate for applications on and near the water are examples of this. Obviously, embedded computers for heavy-duty professional applications can withstand vibrations, shocks, and dust, while silent, dust-free versions are also available for the medical sector. In all cases, we guarantee a long service life, longevity, and maintenance free operation.


  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Multimedia
  • Military

Form Factors

  • 19"
  • DIN rail installation
  • Wall installation
  • Detached
  • OPS