E-paper Displays



DKE is one of the world’s market leader and a well-known brand for e-paper displays. Since 2010, DKE is developing and producing EPDs in their own factory in Dalian/China. In 2018, the second factory opened in the Zhejiang area, as well as the third factory which started construction in 2020. With this huge increase of workfloor space, DKE will be able to multiply its capacity by 5 until 2024.

The e-paper display sizes range from 1.49” up to 13.3”. DKE is in very close cooperation with EINK, the original developer and producer of the e-paper polymer.

DKE E-paper display


  • E-Paper displays
    • Dot-matrix display
    • Segment display

Product details of the E-paper displays:

  • Popular sizes:
      1.54" 152x152
      2.13” 104x212 or 122x250
      2.66” 296x152
      2.9” 296x128
      3.1” 168x296
      3.7” 240x416
      4.2” 400x300
      5.83” 648x480
      5.84” 768x256
      7.5” 640x384 or 800x480
      13.3” 960x680
      Other sizes & resolution on request
  • Ultra thin
  • Black/White, Black/White/Red, Black/White/Yellow,
  • Very Low Power
    • 20µA Sleep Mode / 1-5 µA Deep sleep mode
    • Bi-stable
    • Sunlight Readable & Wide Viewing Angle
    • Reflective
    • No backlight

Visit the website of DKE for more infomation.