Defense, Avionics & Aerospace

People and equipment are regularly put to the test within the armed forces. Hence, there are heavy training programs for staff and an equally heavy set of requirements and standards for the equipment they use. There are, thus, many factors which Telerex as a supplier of professional electronics should take into account when it comes to components or equipment for the military sector.Elektronica voor helmen

For the application of electronics in the navy, the air force, and the ground forces, very strict requirements have been established, such as the well-known MIL spec and the various individual specifications, such as the MIL-Std 901 and the MIL-Std 167 regarding shocks and vibrations in vessels. Telerex supplies the armed forces only with products that adhere to the strictest standards.

Military Standards

  • Component derating according to NAVMAT
  • Input Transients
    • Mil Std 1275 A en B (Terrestrial)
    • Mil Std 704 A, B, C, D en E (Aircraft)militaire elektronica standaard
    • Mil Std 1399 (Naval)
  • Mil Std 901 (Shock Naval) & Mil Std 167 (Vibration Naval)
  • Stanag 1008 (Naval)
  • Environmental Mil Std 810 C
  • EMC Mil Std 461 C, D, E en F

Within the overall product range, we have a large number of product lines specifically for military applications, or adapted to that end, such as robust embedded and panel computers, robust systems, power supplies and converters, connectors, and displays. All are certified for use in environments with extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust, or in environments with many shocks, vibrations, or rough handling.