About Telerex

About Telerex

Eight Lakes Group

Telerex, founded in 1970, is a technical importer and distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical products in the Benelux. With over 60 employees and offices in Antwerp and Breda, Telerex offers building blocks for the Original Electronic Manufacturing (OEM) market. Telerex is member of the Eight Lakes group, a strong independent, financially growing group with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Scandinavia, and Taiwan. With over 320 employees the Eight Lakes group generates an annual turnover of more than 170 million euros. The Eight Lakes group also consists of Eltrex Motion, Eltrex France, Eltrex Pro, Aveva Select Benelux, Aveva Select Scandinavia, Luxendi, Mechatronix, Cats, Cats Power Design, Dolphin and Rodax. A complete overview of the Eight Lakes group can be found at www.8-lakes.com.


Telerex assists you in making your end products more competitive, by offering you the best fitting components, acquiring them worldwide and delivering them to you, according to production schedule in the requested location.


With over 50 years of experience in the import and distribution of electronics and electromechanical components, you can count on Telerex to deliver the best products to you, how, where and when you want. We offer power supplies, displays, computer solutions, industrial automation products, thermal solutions, connectors, EMI shielding products, electronics enclosures and related products.

Telerex history Telerex history
Telerex was founded on April 1, 1970 by Ludwig De Coninck, the father of the current owner - CEO, Yannic De Coninck. Originally the company concentrated on electronic components and sensor technology with offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the years, we obtained the representative role for a number of leading international manufacturers of OEM electronics, Industrial Software and temperature sensors and assemblies.
Customer service Customer service

The Telerex Customer Service department assists you with every issue or question. Call us for information concerning your outstanding orders, returns, delivery times, stock availability, contract status or webshop issues. We're glad to help you in every which way.

Logistics Logistics
Part of our added value are our logistic services. Being able to offer a wide range of electronics and electromechanical components is all well and good, but delivering them when, where and how you need them is another thing altogether.
Quality Quality
To ensure proper operation, quality objectives are semi-annually established per working area, which are in line with our strategy and company culture. Our Quality Manager monitors our system and intervenes when necessary.
Financial Financial
Telerex offers substantial added value in terms of financial services and securities, encompassing our AAA rating with a 40% solvability, general liability insurance up to 2,5 Million EUR and a very solid negotiating position with global credit insurance companies.
Assembly & configuration Assembly & configuration
Part of the all new Eight Lakes group headquarters is a very well appointed Competence Centre, in which we offer several services as added value to our product ranges. As part of our Computer Solutions branch, we assemble, test and burn-in Built to Order computer systems (1.500 pcs p/Y), offer thermal consultancy services, maintain an EMI validation service and lab and house an engineering facility (SolidWorks).