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New OKW releases


New in November 2019

The new EASYTEC range of wall-mounted enclosures has been optimally designed for the integration of smart sensors for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and the IoT.

OKW Smart-Control Series OKW Smart-Control Series

New in September 2019

The enclosures range can be used both on an wall and on a desk at an ergonomically inclined angle.

OKW Connect Series OKW Connect Series

Nieuw in Juni 2019

De CONNECT kunststof behuizingen van OKW zijn zeer geschikt voor bekabelde applicaties.

OKW Evotec Series OKW Evotec Series

New in February 2019

With its robust construction and attractive design the EVOTEC enclosures range is ideal for tough working environments. Different operating faces offer enormous scope for your design.

OKW In-Box Series OKW In-Box Series

New in February 2019

As enclosures for terminal installations, as well as for electronics equipment, the IN-BOX series offers versatile options for electrical and electronics engineers.

OKW Protec Series OKW Protec Series

New in February 2019

PROTEC enclosures have a modern and highly attractive square design with soft contours. As a result, these wall-mount and desktop housings are ideal for modern electronics applications, both indoors and outdoors.