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Telerex participe régulièrement à des salons, des évènements et des séminaires réputés et nous en organisons souvent nous-mêmes !

Power Supplies & Solutions

Challenges for power supplies in a rugged environment
Ultra-wide input DC/DC simplifies designing
Bidirectional power supply: applications and considerations
Power supplies for fanless applications
Configurable Power Supplies
 Digital Intelligence in AC/DC Power Supplies

Thermal Management, Enclosures & EMC

How to select the right thermal interface material for your electronic application?

Loopt u ook warm voor elektrisch aangedreven transport?
Power event 2022

How to choose the right EMI gasket for your enclosure?
Solve Interference & Heat - Integrated Solutions - RF Technology 2022 (Dutch)
Thermal Simulation will help to take
the guess out of your design

Electric Coolers

EMC/EMI shielding, filtering and absorbing; I love it when an EMC plan comes together

Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Realizing IEC 60601-1 protection from electrical shock in connector solutions

Displays & Embedded Solutions

Open Industry 4.0, combining strengths to champion industrial digitalization.
Hilscher, Industrial Ethernet Online kennisweek
Edge Intelligence Solution Software
Advantech, D&E 2020
Global BDM – Systems & Connectivity
Industrial Ethernet event
De remote hardware oplossingen die de rechterhand van uw IT-er kunnen zijn.
Chargement en cours
Chargement en cours