All-in-One Curved Glass Projected Capacitive Touch Sensor with Keyboard and Function Keys, NFC and Wireless Charging capability for Industrial Control

05 November 2020

Telerex’ specialized supplier in Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Zytronic is showing an industrial control unit with curved glass touch sensor. Due to the curved glass, the application can have one front panel with integrated PCap keyboard functions, NFC and wireless charging capabilities.

The built-in contactless NFC card reader function allows easy user login. An off-screen PCap touch keyboard can be used to enter specific data or adding notes and comments to documents, while the PCap touch function keys can be used to execute programmable functions.

With built-in wireless charging features, mobile phones or small devices that are wireless charging enabled, can be charged.

Because the keyboard has no moving mechanical keys, it is extremely robust against liquid spillages and dirt on the surface. Since the unit is easy to clean and disinfect, it is very suitable for medical or hygienic applications and industrial applications in dusty or humid environments.

Feature list:

  • Full multitouch display area
  • Off-screen PCap keyboard and function keys
  • All-in-one curved glass PCap sensor driven by one touch controller
  • Sensor shape, colour and layout fully customisable
  • Wireless charging capability
  • NFC contactless card reader capability