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Ultra-wide input DC/DC simplifies designing

  • Speaker: Mr. Antonio Hsieh, Senior FAE engineer
  • Presentation: English

During this webinar, we will take a closer look at power supplies with a wide DC/DC input range. Especially for applications in the railway sector and public transport, a wide input range offers many possibilities. In the past, a different DC/DC converter had to be selected each time for the different on-board voltages, which meant that a different PCB had to be drawn each time. A wide input range of 10:1 ensures that engineers now only need to design one; one PCB with one converter that can be used for multiple systems.

A power supply with a wide DC/DC input range can be beneficial in several industries. Do you want to know what benefits this can bring to your application? During the presentation, we will show you how P-Duke solutions meet these needs.

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