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Traco TSPC Series

New in May 2019

TSPC Series FeaturesTraco TSPC 050-124HL
  • Rugged metal case for harsh industrial environments
  • Industrial operating temperature range: –25°C to +70°C
  • Overload and and overtemperature protection
  • Power boost up to 120 %
  • Power-Good signal
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • International safety approval package
  • ATEX certification for hazardous locations
  • Decoupling module for redundant operation (optional)
  • Wall mounting (opt.)

The TRACOPOWER TSPC series is a family of DIN-rail power supplies with an excellent price/performance ratio. With tightly regulated output voltage and high immunity against electrical disturbances on the mains they provide a reliable power source for sensitive loads in industrial process controls, machine tools and other equipment exposed to a difficult industrial environment. Compact size, light weight, easy snap-on The TSPC series are high performance DIN-rail mount power supplies for harsh industrial environments. The design is based on the popular TRACOPOWER TSP series but with reduced electrical features to make these power supplies an easy to install and cost efficient but reliable solution for basic applications. Excellent electrical specifications and high immunity against electrical disturbances makes these compact modules the best choice for reliable industrial systems and machines. For system applications all models provide a Power-Good signal. The TSPC series power supplies complies with the latest safety and EMC standards for industrial environments and include ATEX EN 60079 certification and IEC 60079 test report for applications in hazardous locations.

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