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Traco TPP 450B Series


New in January 2021

TPP 450B Series Features:

  • High power density 5" x 3" open frame medical power supply
  • Protection class II prepared
  • Certification acc. to IEC/EN/ES60601-1 (2xMOPP) and IEC/EN/UL 6238-1
  • EMC compliance to IEC/EN60601-1-2 4th edition
  • Risk management process according to ISO14971 incl. risk management file
  • Isolation (4000VAC) and leakage current (less than 100μA) rated for BF applications
  • Operating up to 5000m altitude
  • 5-year product warranty
Traco TPP 450

After being on the market for two years Traco Power provides the TPP 450 (medical power supply) series with a major expansion by introducing an all new class II version of the series. The new TPP 450BA-M and TPP 450B-M series are thus additionally suitable for non-stationary applications where no connection to ground is possible.

They also feature a reinforced double I/O isolation system according to latest medical safety standards (60601-1 3rd edition, 2 x MOPP). The excellent efficiency of up to 94% allows a high power density for the standard 5" x 3" packaging format and natural convection cooled power up to 320 W at +50°C and 450W at +65°C with fan. High reliability is provided by use of industrial quality grade components and an excellent thermal management. It makes the products an ideal solution for medical devices and for demanding safety and space critical applications.

Traco TPP 450B
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