Tflex™ B200, Thermal Gap Filler

19 October 2019

Tflex™ B200, designed for improved EV battery pack cooling, is introduced as a reliable and compliant gap filler thermal interface material with good thermal performance and easier handling. It features a range of multiple surface and enforcement options for a variety of applications.

This gap filler’s low modulus interface and softness relieves mechanical stress. It properly fills gaps, with tolerance to reduce thermal resistance. The thermal gap filler helps to absorb shocks, resulting in improved device reliability over the long term. It has high dielectric insulation which works to protect against dielectric breakdown in or between devices. The Tflex™ B200 as a standard product is naturally tacky on both sides and requires no additional adhesive coating to inhibit thermal performance. The tack is designed to hold the pad in place during assembly and transport.

Tflex™ B200MFG, an option featuring fiberglass in the middle, has strong tensile and both sides exhibit tackiness properties. This helps prevent deforming during manual or automated assembly. Tflex™ B200FG, a second option, has fiberglass enforcement located near one side. It offers a side difference, a higher deflection than the B200MFG option, and provides protection close to one side.Tflex B200, Laird

Tflex B200 offers these features and benefits:

  • Thermal Conductivity of 2W/m.K
  • Softness relieves mechanical stress
  • Compliant to application surfaces, long term reliability
  • Shock resistance in automotive applications
  • Fiberglass enforcement, protects against breakthrough or deforming
  • Protection with high DBV