Small size molded inductor solution for high speed switching power supply design

27 September 2018

Laird MGV series high current power inductors improve performance, reliability and power efficiency. A lower profile benefits consumer electronics and telecom design.

Products feature extremely low DCR with greater efficiency and enable a large current in a small size. Inductors are of magnetic shielding and molded construction and perform in operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C including self-heating rise in temperature.

These MGV series are very suitable for DC/ DC converters, mobile devices and consumer portable devices. It can also be used for high current and high switching frequency power supply applications.

SMD Power Inductors Laird

Product features of the SMD power inductors:

  • Molded inductor with extreme small size
  • Saturation current up to 7.9A
  • Robust and magnetic shielded construction
  • Surface mount device
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 125°C (inclusing self-heating)
Product details of the SMD Power Inductors