Smart displays

Itron Smart Display

Telerex SMART displays provide a unique option for customers to develop TFT solutions with 4 display sizes and the option for custom firmware and hardware.The iDEV text based operating language is specifically designed to reduce thetime required to learn a new programming language and provide the necessaryperformance to make your user interface meet application expectations whencommunicating over serial interfaces with high density colour TFT displays.Pages using buttons, text, shapes, images and photos can be created using a text editor or our iDEVTFT suite and pre-stored on an SDHC card or transferred to on board flash memory or RAM via any interface ‘one time’ or in ‘real time’. Build in functionality behind the page and let the module take care of the navigation and process actions. This enables you to only send raw data in your desired protocol from your existing 8 bit CPU host to activate or change the buttons, text and images using unique ‘object names’ to reduce your CPU overhead and host communication.