Enclosures for corners by OKW

18 October 2019

Smart-Control is the first standard enclosure for easy installation in room corners. In addition, this enclosures range can be used both on a wall and on a desk at an ergonomically inclined angle. The enclosure is a two part plastic enclosure with convex top part with as well as without recessed are for protecting a membrane keyboard / decoration foil.

OKW Smart control

The triangular basic shape facilitates wall applications or innovatively in 90°-inside corners or in an ergonomic anel of 45°. The Smart-Control is offered in an off-white colour, however other colours are possible on demand. OKW used UV-proof material, ASA+PC-FR, to design the enclosure. An optional sealing is available which provides a protection class IP 55 for outdoor applications. Stainless-steel torx screws complete this feature.

The top and bottom of the Smart-Control have each 2 recessed areas for easy cable bushings, e.g. for an external power supply. A wall-suspension element or a desktop stand set can be snappe-in inside of the bottom's bottom side by means of an adapter. Moreover there are sealing and self-tapping screws (A 03 05 031) for PCB assembly in top or bottom part available as accessories.

The Smart-Control is suitable for companies in the Security and monitoring technology, Environmental technology, IoT/IIoT, Control engineering and Medical and laboratory technology.

OKW corner housings, smart control


  • 2 sizes M and S
  • Convex or with recessed control panel
  • ASA+PC-FR with high UV-protection
  • Off-white RAL 9002
  • Optional sealing for IP55
  • Wall-suspension element
  • Desktop stand set