EMI Shielding



With over 45 years of experience, Premo is a market leader in the field of inductive components. As one of Spain's largest exporters of electronic components and as a leading manufacturer of low frequency RFID antennas, Premo is a valuable partner for Telerex in the field of sensors, inductors, filters, and chokes.

The Premo range has a wide variety of products including RFID components, inductive components, EMC filters, and PLC components. Premo supports the customer and end user from the initial concept to the final delivery of a project. The level of quality and technology are high and Premo engineers are prepared to also provide a helping hand with non-standard applications or client-specific solutions. This makes Premo a widely used product in demanding markets such as the automotive, renewable energy, and rail industry.

Premo product groups

  • RFID
  • Current sensing
  • Power transformers
  • Inductors & chokes
  • EMC filters
  • PLC
  • Others

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