A new power pack joins the Odu-mac module range

20 June 2018

The ODU-MAC Blue-Line enables a wide variety of transmission types within a manual connector in rectangular connector form. For custom connectors, a diverse range of transmission types ‒ including signals, high current, coax and various media ‒ can be selected and integrated into the connector according to a modular system.

high current application Blue-Line module

With high-current applications becoming ever more important for eMobility and their respective charging technology, as well as for test and measurement, ODU is offering his customers an additional new high-current module in the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line.

With a contact diameter of 12 mm it can be used for a current load of up to 225 amps and an operating voltage of 1.000 volts (VG3). The two-part contact with torx screw connection makes contact replacement easy from the mating side and the termination part can remain in case of a service call. The crimp terminations are available for 25, 35 and 50mm².

Datasheet Odu MAC BlueLine