P-Duke - 10:1 Ultra Wide Input Range DC/DC Module For Railway Application

06 April 2018
P-DUKE has released a new 1/4 brick DC/DC series products, which can provide 60W output power and compliance EN50155 railway standard.

The QAE60W series DC/DC converters have an ultra wide input range, 9-75VDC and 16-160VDC. This means it is suitable for each power source system of railway in many countries. It has good performace in thermal by conducting cooling via base plate or installing specified heatsink.

Features of QAE60W serie:
P-Duke QAE60U
  • 60W Output Power
  • Input Range:9-75VDC,16-160VDC
  • Output Voltage:5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 48, 53VDC
  • Isolation Voltage Up To 3000VAC
  • Standard 1/4 Brick Package
  • Compliance EN50155 Railway Standard
Download product specs QAE60U

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