Twice as fast thanks to the half-shell principle

27 August 2018

Following many new additions to the ODU-MAC® range of housings in 2017, ODU presents a further innovation this year: ODU-MAC® RAPID is the company’s latest innovative housing design that features numerous intelligent details.

ODU has enhanced its successful ODU-MAC® model with a number of new features. The ODU-MAC® modular hybrid connector can transmit signals, power, high current, high voltage, coax, media such as air and fluids, as well as data or light waves in a single interface.

The ODU-MAC® RAPID is characterized by extremely easy assembly and servicing

ODU MAC RAPIDThe novel housing design ensures easy assembly for its users. Thanks to the half-shell principle, 50% time savings are achieved during assembly, servicing, and also during any subsequent adjustments.

The housing’s simple design means it can be assembled and packaged with little effort. Optional lattice plates can be used to bundle individual strands. The cable outlet can be individually adapted to the respective cable and hose packages via a simple cut from a knife – no special tools are needed. The new housing also complies with the IP4X protection class.

This innovative housing successfully overcomes challenges such as high contact density, optional flush mounting of the receptacle, as well as extreme versatility to cope with sudden changes to user requirements. Special protective caps for both sides of the housing complete the new line up.

Features of the ODU-MAC® RAPID:

  • Easy assembly
  • Two-piece plastic housing (available in size 4)
  • Operates with ODU’s proven spindle locking system (at least 30,000 locking cycles)
  • Protective caps for both sides of the housing
  • IP4X protection class