ODU-MAC® black-line - The mass interconnect solution

16 December 2019

ODU presents its new product for test and measurement technology: the ODU-MAC® Black-Line. The Mass Interconnect solution for testing printed circuit boards or electronically assembled units is the interface between the device under test and the test instruments.

The advantages

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line is characterized by an innovative, electromechanical and so far unique type of locking. The connection between the two sides of the system is made at the touch of a button. The common hand lever is no longer required. The handling is comfortable and ergonomic. The adapter frame with tolerance compensation and 12 floating connector frames improve and simplify the mating process. In addition, the number of eight tensioning points reduces frame distorting. ODU offers a European solution at the highest quality level with worldwide availability.ODU-Mac Black-Line

ODU-MAC® Black-Line at a glance:

  • Innovative engagement option: electromechanical version
  • Eight tensioning points stop the frame distorting
  • Adapter frame with tolerance compensation for easy mating
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to ODU-MAC® modules
  • Optional coding for the adapter
  • European solution with worldwide availability

Flexibility for every application

Maximum flexibility results from the variety of modules that can be individually combined. Depending on requirements, signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), compressed air and fluid feedthroughs, vacuum, fiber optic cables and data rates/high speed can be transmitted.

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line is available in two sizes. Due to its compact design, the larger version offers space for up to 4,440 signal contacts. The customer can choose between different termination techniques for connecting the contacts: crimping, soldering, PCB/print and wire wrap. ODU also offers reliable customer service and the option of cable assembly. ODU customers benefit from 80 years of experience and expertise in electrical connectivity.

Thanks to its modular design, the ODU-MAC® Black-Line is a solution for a wide variety of requirements. The system interface can be used in the field of measurement and testing technology, for example in the automotive, medical, telecommunications, aerospace, military and consumer goods industries.