ODU Blue-Line Modular Connectors

12 January 2017

The simple, hybrid connector solution for manual mating that anyone can assemble on site. It’s fitted with ODU’s time-tested spindle locking system in a new standard plastic housing − a truly unique selling point in the ODU-MAC Blue-Line market. This efficient connector system is a modular all-rounder which can be configured in the smallest of spaces and is available in a plastic or metal housing.

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Features ODU Blue-Line® Connectors

  • Modular connector system with maximum packing density (through pitches from 2.4 mm = 1 unit)
  • Wide variety of transmission modules
  • Various locking options (spindle and lever)
  • Easy handling through tool-free clip mounting and dismounting of modules even when assembled
  • Simple dismounting of crimp -clip contacts even when assembled
  • Separate circuit board termination modules for effective contacting in the termination area
  • > 10,000 mating cycles
  • Efficient solution for a broad range of application areas
  • First standard plastic housing with spindle available in the market
  • Faulty clipping in of modules is prevented by one mechanical and two optical coding functions

About ODU-MAC® Modular Connectors

The flexible modular design allows you to combine the most varied types of transfers within one connection. Whether signals, current, data rates, media such as air or liquid or light waves – all types of transfers can be selected from the kit and integrated into the individual connector solution. The mating options are just as versatile. There are many possibilities available for the widest range of applications in industry or medical technology: For example, installed in a stable frame for rack-and-panel applications or automatic docking, or also in a robust housing.

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