Promag 13.56MHz new generation MIFARE® readers

11 October 2018

Promag are specialists in RFID Identification, RFID Technology, RFID Readers and more. They recently launched the 13.56MHz MIFARE® reader – MR2P and the 13.56MHz Ethernet/ PoE MIFARE® reader – ER750/755.

Promag Modern design 13.56MHz MIFARE® reader – MR2P

The MR2P is essentially the same reliable 13.56MHz MIFARE® reader as our MF7 on the inside but has a more attractive, smoked glass effect, "Piano black" design. MR2P runs at any voltage from 5 to 18 VDC and features high read range as low as 5 volts making it ideally suited to a many applications, particularly access control.

Each MR2P reader can be configured to output data in the most common interface formats, including Wiegand, Magstripe and RS-232, making it easy to upgrade existing installations.

Product features MR2P:MR2P Promag

  • 13.56MHz MIFARE RFID reader
  • Up to 50mm read range
  • Weather Resistant
  • Compact size (8.2 x 4.7 x 2.0cm)
  • Configurable interface output.

Promag 13.56MHz Ethernet / PoE MIFARE® reader – ER750/755

The ER750 13.56MHz PoE MIFARE readers have a read range of up to 7cm. Output interfaces include Wiegand, RS232 and TK2. The readers can be assigned ID numbers for multiple unit communication. Relay time period, internal LED and buzzer are also configurable.

Suitable for applications such as access control, time & attendance, guest registration and identity authentication.

Product features ER750/755:ER750/755 Promag

  • PoE / ethernet interface
  • Built-in relay control
  • Configurable LED and buzzer
  • Compact size
  • Weather resistant
  • Configurable reader ID