New high bay passive LED coolers for above 15.000lm

03 November 2015
After the success of the ModuLED Mega high bay cooler versions, we are ready now to launch the next cooling platform for high bay and industrial lighting, baptized “ModuLED Giga”

LED Passive HeatsinkThe Giga is a bit as far as it goes with regards to standard passive cooling in an extruded shape – once going bigger the conductivity of the aluminium will become somewhat of a bottle neck.

With up to 100 watts of heat dissipation, 150 watts electrical power (so probably around 18.000lm if calculated at 120lm/W) this is probably the most ergonomic cooler ever launched on the high bay market.

Not only the thermal performance, but also the extreme mechanical flexibility on adding leds, drivers and optics makes it a one-of-a-kind market approach.

ModuLED Mega changes

Besides this launch we would like to make you aware of a design change on the second generation of ModuLED Mega.

To make this model also compatible with the Mean Well HBG driver mounting bars and the external high bay driver box we designed (compatible with almost all drivers on the market – special clamping system for driver in upper shell without need of extra screws), we have adapted the Mega mechanical design with 4 extra holes on the top side for this.

In this way it doesn’t matter if you are using a ModuLED Mega, Giga (or future CoolBay Giga or Tera, news will follow later, up to 35.000lm COB cooling passive),… all the accessories like driver boxes, mounting bars, reflectors, lenses, all become like one big modular Lego kit – we are assured in this way to reduce your future needed inventory and improve your delivery flexibility.

Optics and thermal validation

Optics wise MechaTronix has developed standard optic adaptors which allow immediate implementation of a variety of lenses and reflectors. On the same optic adaptor a wide score of lenses as well as reflectors in aluminium and polycarbonate can be mounted. Design wise MechaTronix has follow here the most common industrial standards one available optics for high bays.

Since thermal validation in this extreme high power range is primordial, MechaTronix performs extended lab tests with combination of each high power COB package in combination with the LED cooler and publishes these results per brand in a thermal compatibility matrix. Small variations like size of the board, pressure of the fixation from the board to the LED cooler, internal junction to case thermal resistance and the use of perfect thermal interface material have such a big thermal impact in this extreme power designs, that MechaTronix advices to ask for consultancy in case of new designs.

Download PDF High Bay LED Cooler