MODUS 3, a compact kiosk printer

11 July 2018

Custom recently launched MODUS 3, a new compact kiosk printer at the market. This new self-service printer is matching the demands for modern and light kiosks and selling machines which can be integrated well into their environment. This printer stays robust and fast with a printing speed of 200 mm/ s, but is also compact which makes it possible to implement into the design.

Furthermore features the MODUS 3 two connection options (USB and RS232) and is the printer very user-friendly. Easy loading thanks to the opening system that guarantees also easy access for maintenance and cleaning, innovative anti-jamming system thanks to the optional paper mouth and 2 different versions (lateral or central sensor) to guarantee the blackmark detection: these are only some of the features of this new self-service printer. Due to these features the MODUS 3 is very suitable for Public Applications and will be often used for applications such as light kiosks, queue management systems, parking meters, self check-in/check-out for hotels etc.
Modus 3

Product features MODUS 3:

  • Ultra-compact : 116l x 62h x 50d mm

  • Printing speed: 200mm/s

  • Interface: RS232 and USB 2.0 (embedded board)

  • International resident fonts

  • Sensors: cover closing; paper presence; central or left notch; equipped with Bag Tag sensors (central notch version); optional anti-jam, NPE sensor and ticket out

  • Windows and Linux drivers

  • Android and iOS on SDK

  • 24V power supply

Product specifications MODUS 3:

Datasheet MODUS 3