The modular AME series from Cosel

16 June 2020

Cosel's AME series includes modular power supplies of 400 and 600W (with 4 slots) as well as 800 and 1200W (with 6 slots). The power supplies are suitable for both industrial applications (EN/UL62368-1) as well as medical applications (EN60601-1 / 2*MOPP).

The leakage current is less than 0.5mA and optionally, even less than 0.15mA. In addition, the output voltages have limited adjustability with a potentiometer and are adjustable up to 0VDC with an external signal. The outputs can be individually switched on/off remotely with an external signal or with the 5VDC AUX. In addition, the outputs can also be controlled together with the Global Inhibit. Finally, the outputs can be configured precisely with remote sense.

AME series Cosel

This series works with an intelligent fan with variable speed depending on the load and temperature. If necessary, its direction of rotation can be reversed. The series is equipped with OCP, OTP and OVP (Over Current Protection/Over Temperature Protection and Over Voltage Protection). There are also alarm signals that monitor the status of the input and output and there is the option of digital communication (via UART or PM-Bus).

These modular power supplies are extremely compact and do not exceed 1U. Similar modules can be connected in a series or parallel circuit and offer a 5-year warranty.