Liquid Cooling

Telerex also supplies liquid coolers for OEM solutions or thermoelectric assemblies. Standard capacity varies from 500 to 5000 watts, suitable for medical imaging, laser equipment, laboratory testing equipment, agricultural machinery and similar. In the liquid cooler, the cooling fluid is circulated by means of a pump with a high MTBF. The heat of the coolant is absorbed by a heat exchanger and subsequently driven off through heat sinks with high density. The modules are custom designed for long life and can be easily operated by means of a digital temperature controller. Customizations and configurations are possible.


Variations of liquid cooling

  • Oil or water cooling
  • Liquid to air
  • Air to liquid
  • Recirculation

Advantages of liquid cooling

  • High heat pump capacity
  • High heat flux density
  • Rapid cooldown
  • Silent (Peltier technology)