LED Emitters

LED Emitters

LED Emitters come in a wild variety of forms, specs and possible application options. Our main Taiwanese LED manufacturer Edison Opto offers several different SMD components in form factors such as 2835, 3014,3030, 3528, 5050, 5630, available in all CCT’s and CRI’s. Apart from these, Edison offers the COB (chip on board) format, available in several build dimensions, making them very easy to integrate in a LED holder. SLM Modules are ready to use Plug ‘n Play COB modules, no soldering required. Using these shaves off a considerable amount of engineering time. These latter COB’s only come in CRI80.

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About LED Emitters

  • Many Different Formats
  • SMD’s : 2835, 3014 & 3030
  • Also: 3528, 5050 & 5630
  • Available in All CCT’s & CRI’s
  • COB (Chip on Board) Modules
  • Plug ‘n Play SLM Modules