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Laird Thermal Systems

Laird Thermal Systems

Laird Thermal Systems is a global player in the field of thermal management and RFID products. Laird is, thus, a solid partner to Telerex for a variety of thermal solutions. The Laird product range spans from simple heat sinks and thermal conductivity materials to advanced thermo-electric coolers and complete thermal assemblies for use in, for instance, telecommunications equipments, instruments, and other critical applications. Laird is leading the market for conductive materials and a wide range of coolers. The range includes thermal interface materials, thermally conductive PCB materials, Peltier units, thermo-electric assemblies, and fluid coolers.

Laird products for electronics cooling

  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
    • Thermisch conductive pastes
    • Phase Change Materials
    • Electrically insulating materials with excellent thermal conductive specs
    • Gap fillers
    • Thermally conductive PCB materials
  • Thermo-Electric Materials (TEM), or so-called ‘Peltier’ elements
  • Thermo-Electric Assemblies (TEA)
  • Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS)
  • Temperature Controllers

Laird has a large number of design centres around the world, where engineering teams develop high efficiency thermal materials and solutions. In addition to a wide range of traditional thermal pads, Laird also produces advanced phase-rotating thermal interface materials that soften at operating temperature to form to the shape of the component or housing, which results in a dramatically higher amount of heat extraction and better system performance.

Laird not only produces thermo-electric modules, but these can also be incorporated into an assembly. Laird offers the user a wide range of services during the design-in process and Telerex has with Laird a single source for complete thermal systems, with thermo-electric modules, thermal interface materials, heat sinks, housings, fans, and other components.

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