Superior conductivity, soft on components

15 December 2021

Tflex HP34, the new siliconefree gap filler from Laird with excellent deflection properties, is significantly softer while delivering eye-popping 24 w/mK bulk thermal conductivity. Tflex HP34 is a non silicone formulation containing aligned graphite materials.

These aligned graphite fibers ensure higher performance than other graphite products. Tflex HP34 has myriad industry applications and retains its properties in applications under increased pressure. Moreover, the gap filler exhibits little to no oil bleed and meets both RoHS and REACH standards.

Laird Tflex HP34

Features and Benefits

  • 34 W/mK bulk thermal conductivity
  • Silicone Free formulation
  • Maintains thermal performance under increased pressure
  • Low contact resistance with mating surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly solution that meets RoHS and REACH
Download the datasheet here