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Inventronics is a Chinese-American producer that specializes in the design and manufacture of reliable, high-efficiency LED drivers. This prestigious global player has its headquarters in Hangzhou, several regional R&D centres and a world-class security laboratory, all staffed by highly educated and extremely capable experts.

Inventronics LED Driver EUC-075S045DTThanks to the efforts of the management team and the R&D department, Inventronics has built up an excellent reputation as an innovative producer of LED drivers and is well on its way to conquering the leading market position. Since its foundation 6 years ago, Inventronics has filed on average 1 patent per week, with important projects such as the National Science & Technology Support Program, 863 National Program, National Innovation funds Project, Hangzhou Major Project and more. The company often seeks to collaborate with external knowledge and research centres, such as Virginia Tech and the Zhejiang University. All this has resulted in an extremely innovative atmosphere and hyper-modern production.

Through this strong capacity for innovation, Inventronics has already earned more than 30 international distinctions for its R&D and production of advanced LED drivers. These have also been very successfully deployed in a large variety of projects, such as the Shanghai World Expo, the facilities for the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the intercontinental bridge of Tsingtao.

Inventronics LED Driver EUC-042S035DSMultinational companies such as Intime, KFC and Walmart are among the users of Inventronics products. Many global LED producers have confidence in Inventronics and the organization has established an international network of know-how partners. Telerex has taken on the import and distribution for the Benelux and accompanies these services with a thorough product and market knowledge and solid logistical processes.

Inventronics products

Indoor Driver

  • Open Frame Constant Current
  • Case Type Constant Current
  • Case Type Constant Voltage

Outdoor Driver

Inventronics LED Driver EUC-036S035DV

  • Single-channel Constant Current
  • Single-channel Constant Voltage
  • Multiple Channel Constant Current

Intelligent Control

  • Signal Converter
  • Timer
  • Centralized Control

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