InnoOSR - Full recovery at the touch of a button

22 December 2021

Carrying out a full system recovery can be quite challenging in industrial environments. Therefore, Telerex has expand its product range with the InnoOSR flash discs from Innodisk, which ensures that a full recovery is only a matter of ‘a push of a button’.

A jammed operating system or application program can cause major problems in a production environment and endanger the continuity of critical business processes. In many cases, however, such a malfunction is not that easy to rectify. ‘If, on the other side of the world, a controller in a conveyor system has problems, for example, an engineer has to get on an aeroplane to reset the OS or application program to the default settings’, says Peter Philips, Telerex Product Manager of Embedded Systems. Pressing control-altdelete or the on/off button a few times does not work in a production environment’.

The InnoOSR provides an option for On-Site Recovery by connecting the system to a physical button.

How does that work?

Michael Touw, Sales Manager at Innodisk explains. ‘The operating system and the necessary programs are installed on the first partition of the disc. With a special management program from Innodisk you then indicate that a backup should be made to a “hidden” partition that is invisible’. The button – which is connected via wires to a pin header on the disc – comes in handy in the event of a malfunction. ‘For example, by pressing the button for five seconds, the backup from the hidden partition is set as the active partition. The LED light on the button shows when this process has been completed. After a reset, the system then restarts with the default settings. This works with Windows as well as Linux’.

Innodisk, InnoOSR


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Recovery faster achievable
  • No outbound connections, special software or additional hardware required

Recovery possibilities:

  • 2.5 inch SATA and an M.2-2280 variant
  • mSATA and an M.2-2242 version

The offered capacity ranges from 32GB to 1TB.