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With the ever stricter emission regulations and ever more draconian environmental fines, gGovernments and network administrators seem to have finally grasped the need for alternative fuel solutions... Although science and industry were ready over a decade ago, the national investment required for the new infrastructure has proven difficult politically and politicians seem more interested in short-term projects that score easy points.

Let's put it this way... If the introduction of electric charging stations and hydrogen refuelling stations had been as energetically pursued as the finance-draining HSL and Betuwe train ways, the percentage of clean vehicles in the Benelux would have gone through the roof by now. We have, therefore, enthusiastically welcomed the news that Flanders now has 71 charging stations for electric vehicles. Published on Standaard.biz: view or download.

Telerex has a complete range of connectors for the most diverse applications within the EV and LEV sectors, such as electric cars, bicycles, scooters, trucks, in-house vehicles, and other applications.

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