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Card reader swipe

Cards are increasingly used for registration, payments, and even for transferring data. It is, therefore, no surprise that card readers are increasingly appearing in public applications. Telerex supplies card readers in a number of forms, suitable for all conceivable applications in payment services, information kiosks, access control, and personal registration.

Swipe Card readers & Components

Telerex supplies a range of ‘swipe’ card readers for all kinds of applications. The swipe card reader reads the data from the magnetic strip on your ID-card/SIS-card (in Belgium, the ID or SIS has a chip) or credit card, such as at the cash register of a supermarket. In Belgium this is not the case at petrol stations because of chip reading.

Swipe card readers are available as a complete unit, a build-in module, or as a ‘bare’ magnetic element or component. The swipe card reader can also come equipped with an encrypted intellihead or, dependent on the application, with a “MagneSafeIntellihead”, which both provide extra encoding to the data on the magnetic strip before transfer.

Swipe Cardreader Applications

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  • Access Control
  • Cash Register Systems
  • Info Systems
  • POS
  • Vending Systems

Insert card readers

Many applications use an 'insert' card reader. These are well-known in the context of parking tickets, smart cards, ID cards, access passes, and other applications. The insert card reader is usually available for reading the magnetic strip as with an embedded chip on a credit card. Alternatively, the insert card reader can come equipped with an encrypted 'MagneSafeIntellihead’, which provides the data on the magnetic strip with extra encoding before transfer. The most recent Hybrid card readers come equipped with RFID.

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  • Identification
  • Petrol Stations
  • Automated shops
  • Gaming machines
  • Vending machines
  • Parking Systems
  • POS
  • Mobile Terminals