Barcode readers
zebex barcode reader

Industrial Barcode readers

Registration, payment transactions, inventory management, and access control nowadays, without exception, all make use of barcodes. The public, portable, or industrial applications which are used in these operations are therefore equipped with barcode readers.

From embedded modules for OEM, to wireless handheld devices for mobile applications. In between, there is a whole range of solutions for counters, free-standing scanners, and miniature units for ultra compact devices.

OEM barcode readers

Zebex OEM barcode reader

Of course, Telerex supplies barcode readers for installation in your application. These can be OEM units with client-specific housing, or build-in units for inside a counter. Of course, important specifications include the small foot print, a broad and variable supply voltage, an error-free operation over a wide temperature range, and flexible I/O interfaces for data exchange.

Handheld barcode readers

zebex handheld barcode reader

In a world of increasing automation of business processes, the handheld barcode scanner is becoming an increasingly integral part of working equipment. Shock, drop, and moisture resistance are of course very important, but also the scanning speed, resolution, strength of the laser and the format. Telerex supplies a series of handheld barcode readers, cabled for use with fixed applications such as a cash register, but also wireless for use in warehouses, production halls, or on the road.

Barcode Reader Applications

  • Kiosks
  • Access Control
  • Cash Register Systems
  • Registration
  • Vending Machines
  • Production Machines