In April 1970 Ludwig De Coninck, father of the current CEO/owner, established Telerex, initially specialising in electronic components and sensor technology. With offices in Belgium and The Netherlands, Telerex soon acquired the importing rights and representation for a host of international manufacturers of OEM electronics.


This induced a growth spurt that, in its turn, brought on the need for diversification and so, 1983 saw the birth of Rodax, specializing exclusively in sensor technology, followed by the official start of Wonderware Benelux in 2007. The latter being solely focused on the distribution and integration of Industrial software solutions.

Next generation

2002 saw Yannic De Coninck taking over from his father. Under his management Telerex grew exponentially through the acquisition of several complementary and like-minded European companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and France, resulting in the foundation of the international Eight Lakes group.


Today, Telerex is one of the Benelux strongest and fastest growing importers and distributors of professional electronics, electromechanical and LED components.


  • 1970 - Telerex is established by Ludwig De Coninck
  • 1983 - Telerex establishes Rodax to incorporate all sensory technologies and products
  • 1994 - Telerex starts its software branch Telerex Industrial Software
  • 2002 - Yannic De Coninck takes over from his father Ludwig
  • 2006 - All software activities are being incorporated in Wonderware Benelux
  • 2006 - Yannic De Coninck establishes the Eight Lakes group
  • 2007 - MechaTronix in Taiwan is established as a dedicated engineering and production house
  • 2011 - Eltromat becomes part of the Eight Lakes group
  • 2012 - The Eight Lakes group builds its all new Head Quarters in Breda
  • 2012 - CATS France becomes part of the Eight Lakes group
  • 2014 - Eltromat and Telerex Motion Solutions merge into Eltrex Motion
  • 2015 - MDP Electronics becomes part of the Eight Lakes group and is renamed as CATS power Design
  • 2016 - Early Telerex spin-off Rodax becomes full member of the Eight Lakes group
  • 2017 - Founding of Eight Lakes Shared Services which offers services to Telerex, Eltrex Motion and Wonderware Benelux