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Date: Thursday 27 October
Location: Telerex NV, Uilenbaan 90, 2160 Wommelgem

The new approach for industrial IOT applications. Visit our conference at Telerex Belgium on Thursday 27 October 2022.

Your factory data ... from sensor to cloud

  • Learn how to securely get data from your shop floor - for brownfield and greenfield installations
  • Learn about industrial usage, serialization and management of Raspberry Pi applications
  • Learn how to monitor your sensor and machine data anywhere at any time
  • Learn how to centrally manage your machines and plants
  • Learn options to create your digitalization strategy
  • Find out how to easily evaluate the solution by yourself
10.00Welcome by Telerex / Hilscher
10:30Hilscher netFIELD introduction
11:20Edge Gateway Hardware and sensorEDGE
12:15Break - Lunch
13:00netFIELD OS,, netFIELD Container
14:00Use Case, company UREASON
14:40Live Demo
15:10Presentation Live Workshop options, Q&A, conclusion
15:30End of seminar - networking
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