High Temperature ET Series TEMs

11 July 2018

Laird’s high temperature ET series TEMs protect critical electronic devices and assemblies in emerging applications found in high temperature environments. The series offers active cooling for applications operating in temperatures ranging from +80°C to +150°C.

These TEMs offer a cooling capacity of more than 338 W in a compact form factor and deliver temperature stability to ensure peak operating performance in challenging environments including optical transceivers, LIDAR, DLP, and CMOS applications. The high temperature ET series offers precise temperature control accuracy achieving ±0.01°C.HiTemp ET Serie Laird

Laird’s enhanced TEM construction prevents copper diffusion, which commonly occurs for standard grade TEMs in higher temperature environments and prevents degradation in their performance. The HiTemp construction also does not degrade performance like other high temperature modules on the market. The product series maintains a high coefficient of performance (COP) to allow for maximum heat rejection into air environment even with a poor heat sink.

The HiTemp ET Series is a preferred cooling method due to its proprietary construction that has shown to not degrade in this environment. This product line is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for applications in automotive, transportation and other high temp applications.

Features HiTemp ET Series

  • Up to 338 W of heat pumping capacity
  • Smaller form factor
  • Lighter weight package
  • Temperature control accuracy ±0.01°C