Enclosures for IIoT and smart sensor applications

20 December 2021

Watch the video with examples of how the IIoT/sensor enclosures are used or download the catalogue. And improve the productivity with professional solutions. You can get started right away with creative standards by OKW!

The basis of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 is to make things smarter by making them communicate with each other. The focus here is on sensors which are embedded in the devices and which constantly gather and centrally deliver data concerning machinery and special application scenarios or data about the user and the entire value-added chain.

The OKW programme offers a wide range of enclosure series for the most varied applications, in the smart factory and for the installation of temperature, humidity and presence sensors, for example. Energy, vibration, pressure and status sensors are used especially in plant and machinery.

The collection of data through countless different sensors is highly diverse. So-called APIs such as SPI, I2C, LAN, USB are also required in the devices. IIoT enclosures from OKW are ideally designed for this, and are available in different versions depending on the application: mobile, wearable, wall-mounted or as a table-top version, robust, waterproof and dustproof, in different sizes and versions with a comprehensive range of accessories.

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