Eight Lakes group

Eight Lakes group

With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Taiwan an annual revenue of about 80 million euros, and more than 200 employees, the Eight Lakes group uses all the resources at its disposal to be the preferred supplier of products and solutions for the industrial and professional market in the Benelux and France. The headquarters of the group is located in a brand new building at the business park Minervum in Breda.

Parts of the Eight Lakes group

  • Telerex
  • Wonderware Benelux
  • MechaTronix
  • Eltrex Motion
  • CATS
  • CATS Power Design
  • Rodax
  • Cooling House


TelerexTelerex, with offices in Antwerp and Breda, is a technical importer and distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical building blocks for the Original Electronic Manufacturing (OEM) market and the LED market. Telerex, founded in 1970, has a turnover of more than 30 million euros, is at the head of the Eight Lakes group.

Wonderware Benelux

Wonderware BeneluxWonderware Benelux emerged from Telerex Industrial Automation, the software branch of Telerex and has been active in the market of industrial automation since 1994. Wonderware Benelux supplies software solutions for factory automation in the form of licenses, technical support, trainings, and consultancy. The company has constructed a partner network of more than 80 system integrators.

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MechaTronixMechaTronix Kaohsiung Ltd. was founded in 2007. This production facility in Taiwan specialises in the fabrication and adaptation of housings, heat sinks, connectors, and assemblies. Using various production methods in metal and plastic and an advanced prototyping program, MechaTronix has in a short time become a preferred partner for various OEM and LED suppliers.

Eltrex Motion

Eltrex MotionEltrex Motion, with offices in Breda and Antwerp, has the focus on the Motion Control Technology market in the Benelux. The company, founded January 1st 2014, is a merge between the competence team Motion Solution of Telerex and the company Eltromat acquired in 2011 by the Eight Lakes group. The mission of Eltrex Motion is to assist customers in making their final products more competitive by advising the best fitting building blocks and innovative drive solutions. The realization of this mission is done by long term partnership with first class manufacturers in combination with own application engineering knowledge for more than 10 years.

Visit the Eltrex Motion website.


CATS FranceCATS, located south of Paris near Orly airport, joined the Eight Lakes group in December 2012. CATS, established in 1978, is in France a well-known specialized electronic distributor for power conversion, communication & GPS and special components products. As member of the Eight Lakes group, is CATS an important building block to strengthening the Eight Lakes group’s position in France.

Visit the CATS website.

CATS Power Design

CATS Power DesignMDP Electronics, located in Pringy near Annecy (France), joined the Eight Lakes group in April 2015. The company, established in 1995, is specialized in design and manufacturing of custom power supplies, intelligent battery chargers and multi-technology motor drivers. To strengthen the brand awareness of CATS in power electronics, MDP Electronics has decided to change its name from September 2015 to CATS Power Design. CATS and CATS Power Design are working closely to propose their customers the optimal solutions for power conversion needs.

Visit the website for CATS Power Design/MPD Electronics


RodaxRodax was founded in 1983, targeting international industrial markets with an all-round program of temperature sensors and assemblies. Working closely with global customers, Rodax created a series of reliable solutions for general and specific applications, such as high vibration resistant sensors, furnace and boiler thermocouples, multipoint reactor temperature assemblies and more. Rodax joined the ranks of the Eight Lakes group, late 2015 and brings a thorough knowledge base and strong tradition of service and customer-intimacy to the front.

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Cooling House

Cooling HouseFounded in August 2010, Cooling House is an established Asia-based design house for innovative thermal solutions and is headquartered in Taipei. Cooling House holds patents for several cooling technologies and product concepts. Areas includes high performance cooling system for hot spots and air to air heat exchangers in industrial applications. With flair for innovative customized designs, the engineers of Cooling House are able to offer their customers thermal modelling service and of course particular designs to suit product constraints and challenges. The high power cooling solutions are based on advanced heat pipes and thermosyphons. As experts in remote heat transfer, we offer innovative thermal solutions for applications that use less airflow and energy than traditional cooling solutions on an application level. This enables our customers to use higher performance electronics components which results in improving their system’s efficiency.

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