From idea till product launch; Deep learning traffic analysis

17 December 2018
Are video-based traffic measurements able to offer a multimodal solution that also registers pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles? The ViSense system from ViNotion provides this service. With the help of Telerex, our customer has successfully developed an idea into a new product launch.

Visense systeem van Vinotion

ViNotion wants to support city authorities with mobility challenges. The traffic and traffic flow can be better measured and adapted to the situation due to deep learning. The ViSense system is designed in collaboration with Telerex. ViNotion was looking for a housing suitable for a processor that needs to be cooled passively. In addition the housing should be suitable for mounting on a Din Rail as well. Finally, it was desirable that the module should look as tight as possible and that the housing would have a professional appearance.

Telerex provided the complete mechanics including a heatsink and front plate. The thermal interface material is from Laird and also the processor TX2 and connectors are coming from manufacturers represented by Telerex. All components were assembled in the competence center of Telerex, packed and sent to the customer. Telerex was able to offer an all-in-one solution for the ViSense system of ViNotion. Do you need any help with the product development and/ or realization of your product ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us.