Dalcnet releases new DLM-series

15 November 2018

This new small product is at forefront of technology granted by patent pending. DLM bus family allows to regolate the luminous intensity by means of a bus command (DALI or DMX) or by an analogically local command automatically detected when connected.

Dalcnet DLM-series

Dalcnet LED dimmers represents a solution to drive constant voltage or constant current LEDs by a normally open push button, a potentiometer (1-10V), 0-10V analog signal or 1-10V analog signal. Supply voltage is from 12 to 48VDC. The output can be, depending on the version of the product, voltage (CV) or current (CC). In addition it has been implemented a push menù to regulate minimum level of dimming, Fade IN, Fade OUT and memory function.

Product details of the new DLM-series