D4 Serie, New desktop label printers

10 December 2019

Custom presents the D4 serie, a new family of label printers with thermal transfer and direct thermal technology. The D4 printers support any type of label, from the traditional ones made in paper to the synthetic ones, with width from 10mm to 110mm.

These printers are able to work in stand-alone mode, print 1D/2D barcodes including QR-Code and Data Matrix and thanks to the type A USB port, integration with external devices such as scanners is guaranteed.

The range is composed by 3 different models, D4 102, D4 202 and D4 302-K, that integrate a color display and a 19-key keyboard for a more intuitive and immediate user experience.

Custom continues its path in the development of new solutions to improve the identification of devices and to keep the pace with the continuous and rapid evolution dictated by industrial automation and data cross-correlation.

Benefits of the new D4 label printers range: D4 102, D4 202, D4 302-KD4 label printers

  • Top compatibility on the market
  • Custom expertise in printing
  • Labels, receipts, tickets both in thermal transfer and direct thermal
  • Full optional wide range
  • Custom label designer sw tool