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Cosel webinars

Date: Wednesday 29 June

The Cosel webinars event will take place on Wednesday 29 June. Two presentations will be given by Hans-Peter Lüdeke - FAE Manager Cosel Europe GmbH

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10.00 - 10.45Power supplies for fanless applications (EN)Hans-Peter Lüdeke - FAE Manager Cosel Europe GmbH
 What needs to be considered if your application does not allow for a fan to provide forced airflow for cooling while you have to operate in a more challenging and harsh environment or audible noise needs to be kept low.
11.00 - 11.45Configurable Power Supplies – Customized performance made of standard building blocks (EN)Hans-Peter Lüdeke - FAE Manager Cosel Europe GmbH
 Your application needs multiple DC voltages at several 100W that you would like to have full control of but your time-to-market or budget does not allow for a custom solution? Configurable Power Supplies can be a valuable approach leading to a compact and easy to use solution.

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