Computer Automation
Custom POS Automation


Telerex offers a comprehensive range of automation products for applications, machines, kiosks and so forth. This product range spans from embedded computers, panel computers - either with or without touch capacity - keyboards, printers, barcode and card readers. All peripheral products, such as dedicated power supplies e.g. are also available.

Industrial Communication Industrial Communication
  • Data Transmission & Control
  • General I/O All data Sources
  • Serial I/O: RS-232, RS-422, etc
  • Digital & Analog I/O
  • Fieldbus I/O: ProfiBus, CANopen
  • Interface Cards, Gateways, etc
Embedded Computers Embedded Computers
  • Intel, AMD, VIA or ARM
  • Passive Cooling & Energy Efficient
  • Forced Cooling High Performance
  • Wide Temperature Versions
  • Full IP65 Versions
  • AC or DC Power
Panel Computers Panel Computers
  • Intel, AMD or ARM
  • Passive or Forced Cooling
  • Wide Temperature Versions
  • Full IP65 Versions, AC or DC Power
  • Panel, Desktop, Chassis
  • Open Frame, VESA
Din Rail Power Supplies Din Rail Power Supplies
  • DIN-Rail Power Supplies
  • DIN-Rail DC/DC Converters
  • Slim Type Available
  • Redundancy & Charger Versions
  • 1-Phase & 3-Phase Versions
  • Up to IP67 Waterproof
Industrial Box Power Supplies Industrial Box Power Supplies
  • Enclosed Type Power Supplies
  • U-Frame Type Power Supplies
  • Single, Double & Multiple Output
  • Built-In PFC Function
  • DIN-Rail, 19" Adaptation
  • AC/DC Power Supplies & DC/DC Converters
Industrial Keyboards Industrial Keyboards
  • Compact Keyboards
  • Backlighted Keyboards
  • Dust & Splash Proof
  • Drawers & Drawer Keyboards
  • Silicon-Based Keyboards
  • IP65 Waterproof Keyboards
Rugged & Portable Memory Rugged & Portable Memory
Datakey have been making ruggedized portable memory systems long before USB flash drives and SD cards were even invented!   Datakey focusses on meeting the needs of OEMs serving the military, medical, and industrial markets and delivers the highest quality portable memory solutions with extreme ruggedness and long-term availability.