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API technologies/Spectrum Control

API Technologies

Telerex has with the American-based API Technologies a leading manufacturer of EMI product solutions as a partner. In its 40 years of existence, Spectrum has built up a comprehensive package of products that range from filters, ceramics, film modules, and antenna assemblies to filtered connectors for audio, USB, D-Sub, and more.

Spectrum is since 2011 part of API Technologies Corp. which has allowed a drastic expansion of its production facilities. This has produced notable benefits in delivery times, flexibility, price level, and the extent of the product range. Spectrum products are used worldwide in the most demanding fields such as the military, medical applications, communications equipment, industrial tools, and commercial aviation.

API product groups

  • Advanced Ceramics: Capacitors, insulators
  • Coaxial Filters & Interconnects
  • Power Filters & Film Modules
  • Specialty Cabling & Connectors
  • Sensors: temp (NTC, PTC), Heater assemblies
  • Controls: (motorized) potentiometers, small stepper engines
  • Saw oscillators, Mixers
  • Microwave filters
  • Antennas (moved to microwave since Q3 2011)
  • Toroidal, power-switchmode

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